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There is an old City of London truism that the only thing you actually get from owning a share in a company is a dividend. A carefully chosen portfolio of shares can provide a good income from dividends, and possible capital appreciation, over time.

Suitable for beginners and experts in the stocks and shares trade

Our new associates for all stock market matters are City traders, comdirect. comdirect can provide online and telephone trading all at a low cost flat fee regardless of size of trade or market. They can also offer investments in gilts, funds, bonds, trusts and more.

UK Online and comdirect , the world's markets now.

Online access to the world's financial markets is as easy as clicking on the button below, and online transaction costs are lower than traditional costs, coupled with a trend which began with deregulation in the 1980s.

Online trading and more

Use our brokerage to help you in the stock and shares trade

The many informational resources at comdirect such as the "Market Focus" section will help you decide what type of investment / trade best suites you as an individual or as a business .

Tax effective investments are important in the financial markets

pYour choices when you make stock market investments could effect your tax position. By clicking on the button above and opening an accout you will immediately gain access to detailed information on many aspects of equities trading, various money markets and other investments.p

Useful online trading tools and news resources

as well as useful trading tools such as Watchlists which allow you to track various securities and indices and to set price alerts. There's also the Research section which gives you access to various financial tools such as a price ticker. Once you become an account holder you also gain access to the many latest company / stock news resources available at comdirect.

Use our comdirect alliance to prosper

If you decide on individual choice, there is a large number of companies that offer clients 'execution only' services at reasonable prices. We rely on comdirect because we know their excellent track record.

You can trade the world markets with comdirect and UK Online Finance

Our comdirect connection will enable you to trade on any recognised market in the world, and also give access to other investment media such as gilts, trusts, funds and commodities.

They allow you to place orders to buy or sell whatever you wish with a central dealing operation either by phone or online. comdirect also have a "fair deal" policy which means you pay the same low flat fee for trades online or over the phone regardless of size of trade or where you're dealing from. We recommend Comdirect as providers of an inexpensive, reliable dealing service for execution only, but with the added benefit of access to detailed economic and company information.

This will help you to decide on your investments. If you wish to go the discretionary route. However the simplest route is to invest in an existing investment fund, which can be either a Unit Trust, or an Investment Trust.

Each will be specifically geared towards one flavour of investment, UK Smaller companies perhaps, or European High Income maybe, so you can choose the mix of investment that most suits your needs. The difference between the two is that with a Unit Trust, the units are bought directly from the investment company, and your money is added to the pool of money available to the fund manager for investment, so the fund is what is known as open ended, meaning its size will vary as units are bought and sold.

The fund is valued daily according to the actual asset value of the portfolio, and the investment company quotes the prices at which it is prepared to sell or buy back the units, which is always directly related to the asset value.

With an Investment Trust however, the pool of money is fixed and divided into shares which are traded on the Stock Exchange. The price will be related to the asset value of the portfolio but the actual level will be determined by the balance between buyers and sellers. This means that Investment Trusts can trade at substantial discounts to the value of their assets.

If you should decide, after due research to take a more traditional approach to managing your savings, then follow this link to our pensions page.

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