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Saving on Gas and Electricity

Saving on your gas and electricity bills

Quick and easy ways to save on energy and reduce bills

The typical UK home is poorly insulated, losing up to 33 per cent of gas or electricity heating costs through the walls.

Consumers can save at least £100 per year* on their gas or electricity heating utility bill if they insulate walls and lofts and draught proof doors and windows.

Those keen to make extra savings on the home utility bill can slash a further £60 off their annual bill by: Turning down indoor heating by 1 degree (£20 saving), investing in energy saving light bulbs (£10 saving), buying an insulation jacket for the hot water cylinder (£10 saving) and resetting it at a hot rather than scalding temperature (£20 saving).

Being energy efficient means reducing the energy wasted around the home, and this will cut the bill you pay to the gas and electricity company. A little advance planning can pay dividends towards reducing your home utility bill.

Top Ten Energy Saver Tips:

To eliminate draughts and wasted heat use a cheap, easy-to-fix brush or PVC seal on your exterior doors.

Take showers instead of baths - an ordinary shower uses only two-fifths of the water, and therefore less gas or electricity than is needed for a bath.

Always switch lights off as soon as you leave a room and adjust your curtains and blinds to let as much light in as possible during the daylight hours. You'll use less electricity.

Close your curtains at dusk to stop the heat escaping through the windows.

Always ensure you turn your taps off correctly. In one day, a dripping hot water tap can waste enough water to fill a bath. It's cheaper to take a little longer and turn it right off.

Do not leave the tap running whilst cleaning your teeth, turn on only when needed.

Avoid leaving appliances on standby and remember not to leave them on charge unnecessarily.

Replace light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs, especially if you use a light for more than four hours a day.

Insulate your hot water tank with a British Standard jacket thatís at least 7.5cm thick.

Do not fill your kettle to the maximum each time you make a cup of tea, instead fill with just enough water for the number of cups you are making.

Defrost your fridge regularly to keep it running efficiently and cheaply.

Consumers can also save money on bills by switching to a cheaper gas and electricity supplier.

Look for your cheaper utility company here

The best way to cut a real lump of your bill, is to switch your bill to the cheapest supplier for your area. So, do all the above, then click on this button, and switch now:

Saving on Gas and Electricity

A cheaper gas bill for your home, and green too!

the Uswitch site includes online environment effect calculators for various utilities and UK Online is pleased to be in partnership with an organisation that takes a major part on events like National Energy Efficiency week.

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Saving on Gas and Electricity
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